CDC, Premiere May 21,2016 de Mayo 2016. Teatre Joventut
 Ballet in 2 acts.
Duration 01:30m  with a pause
Music: Leo Delibes
Choreographic Adaptation: Roser Muñoz Joan Boix
In a Hungarian village, the mischievous Svanilda, Frank -her lover-, a mysterious lady who only lets herself be seen through the window and Dr. Coppelius -an automaton craftsman-, will make us live an amusing adventure about the crazy things one can do for love.
Svanilda's snooping will lead her to give life to Dr. Coppelius' favorite automaton, the
Coppélia doll, and this will turn out in a whole lot of confusion.
Will Svanilda get out of this uproar? What will happen? When the curtain goes up we shall know!